birthday cakes

Chocolate Birthday cakes : I love it.
By : Venita
Birthday cakes have various design, depending on for whom the cake was made, It has different design between for baby or for. For the finishing system, has various types, such as: fondant, chocolate compound, cream butter etc.

In my opinion, birthday cakes design the most efficient using compound chocolate coated, because the chocolate can be eaten, and almost everyone loves chocolate. If it coated with butter cream, many people do not like to eat butter cream.
For chocolate birthday cakes, I loved the simple design but elegant.
Before the cake coated with chocolate coating, preferably coated cake with apricot jam or strawberry jam. After spreading the jam doused with chocolate compound
After chocolate layer has half dry, could motives given by giving strokes using a spatula or fork or anything that can give a beautiful texture to the chocolate layer.
It's easy to practice, try it.

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