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Making Your Own Cake Topper

By David Urmann

If you have a thing about decorating cakes, whether you are experienced or novice, then you've got what it takes to design your own unique cake topper. If you love the design aspect of cake decorating more than the niceties and details of sugar craft and baking, then you will be passionate about putting together fruits or flowers or figurines and other pieces into stunning cake toppers.

The cake toppers embellish cakes that grace special occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries.
In creating cake toppers, it is important to cling to quality, exceptionality, and imaginative designs. The perfect cake topper mirrors the persona and style of the celebrator, and signifies the theme of the occasion.

You can begin your cake decorating venture with adornment background you bought from a novelty shop. For weddings, items like chapel windows can be added with groom and bride figurines, flowers plus other ornaments. To add charm, you can then put in little lights placed at the back of the stained glass window to reflect and highlight onto the statuette.
Gum paste and polymers are nice materials for figurine making of all sorts-grooms and brides, doves, hearts, etc. Figurines and decorations made of polymer clay will endure for so many decades.

For occasions where babies and young kids are the celebrator such as showers, christenings, and birthdays, you can stack petit fours. Bedeck petit fours to appear like cute building blocks. You can make use of tiny, charming things from a craft shop, too. A lovely pair of figurine doves can be placed in a birdbath coated with pearl droplet plus festooned with flowers and leaves.

You can also fashion a moving cheesecake or chocolate merry-go-round out of a gum paste. To make it move, take advantage of a rotary doll stand. Beautiful and various bouquets and flowers can also be created with gum paste molds. These molds are available in several sizes, patterns, and shapes.

Always exercise creativity. Say, a heaped, fanciful wedding cake can carry each layer, but for the top, frozen to look a lot like the palace's walls. Flowers and stairways can be toted up. And for the topper, employ royal icing as paste and place the towers you created on the top tier. Put in a pair of birds or hearts or other romantic emblem to the cake topper, and you'll have a cake topper signifying the groom and bride's bright future together.

In placing your cake topper, always remember to put bigger decorations on wide stands so they don't drop. Smaller ornaments can either be clutched in place using flower thorns or attached using royal icing. When stacking multi-layered cakes, it is best to set the topper at the venue already to prevent it from falling off in transit.

Prepare first the tier that will carry the cake topper. Use rods or dowels if the topper is quite heavy. If it is light, a decoration stand or plate will do.

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