MARZIPAN wedding cake decorating

"The marzipan fruits looked superb on the wedding cake, we were awarded the first prize in the wedding cake decorating competition" (S.V., New York)

Due to its highly decorative nature and unique taste marzipan is often the first choice when it comes to decorating a wedding cake.

Marzipanworld brings you the largest selection of marzipan shapes in the world, making it easier for you to choose the designs that most suit your wedding cake and your wedding theme. Whether you are looking to decorate an autumn wedding cake, a seaside wedding cake, a summer wedding cake, a
Halloween wedding cake, a floral wedding cake or a more particular wedding cake, you can find a unique wedding cake decorating idea.

Marzipan wedding cake roses

Since all our products are hand made, they can often be altered in shape size and colour to meet your specific wedding cake requirements.

Several of the marzipan designs that are now displayed on our site were initially created to meet specific customer wedding cake requirements. So if you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact us at mailto:weddings@marzipanworld.comwe will do anything possible to turn your wedding cake idea into marzipan.

Autumn wedding cake


Marzipan leaves are often used as a base for decorating fall wedding cakes, other fall wedding cake decorations such as
marzipan acorns or marzipan pumpkins are then placed on top of the leaves to complete the wedding cake. Our marzipan leaves come in a variety of sizes and shapes which means that it will be easier for you to choose the colour scheme that best suits your wedding theme and season.

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