Cake decorating basics,
techniques and tips for creating beautiful cakes by Rachel Brown
Cake decorating is a richly rewarding skill that anyone can master with a little help, and this fact-packed volume answers all the basic questions that beginners frequently ask: How do I level off a domed cake? What is the best way to cut a dowel? How can I get a modeled figure to sit? Plus, there’s detailed information on covering cakes with marzipan, adding ribbons, simple piping with royal icing, creating special effects with sugar paste, and basic modeling. And dessert lovers with special dietary requirements will enjoy the gluten, egg, sugar, and dairy-free treats. Each chapter features color photographs that provide step-by-step guidance—so your cakes will turn out perfectly, the first time and every time.
#978-1-84537-5188 $19.95

First Steps in Cake Decorating -
Over 100 Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Techniques and Recipes
by Janice Murfitt.
Everyone will think these amazing cakes came from the best bakery in town. From a chocolate porcupine to candied petals, the options shown in this lush guide are endless, and all presented in a way that even beginners can easily follow. Pretty sugar-paste creations embellish a marzipan-covered cake. Nuts, sugar-frosted fruits, candy, and cinnamon sticks make beautiful decorations in an instant. And there are embossed patterns, ruffled borders, sugar-paste cutouts, and other eye-catching ideas, all with instructions, recipes, and templates, to provide inspiration for every occasion. 160 pages, Paper back, all in color, 8 1/2 X 11,
#1-84537-001-5 $17.95
Party Cakes for Children
by Carol Deacon -
Whip up an eye-popping, lip-smacking, giggle-producing cake for every special occasion and every favorite person (adults, too, don't let the title fool you). Choose from 22 basic designs, plus tips for endless variations, from Sketchbook, Computer, and Racing Car to Horrible Bug, Princess, Fishing Pond, and Fairy Town--even microwave cakes that cook in four minutes, designs that start with store-bought cakes, and cool cakes kids can help make. No artistic talent, cake-decorating experience, or special tools needed (except a cake smoother and frosting tubes). Start with a cake and ready-to-roll sugar-paste icing from the supermarket, follow the clear directions, and produce the perfect centerpiece for any celebration--birthday or bon voyage, first day of school or fiftieth anniversary. 8x11 inch, soft back, 96 pages, full color
#746172 $14.95
Creating Celebration
by PME Arts & Crafts

Introduced at the ICES 2006 Convention. Enjoy the magic of creating your own celebration cakes with the help and guidance from our team of expert cake decorators. A collection of thirty-two wonderful projects for all occasions, complete with simple step-by-step pictures and full instruction. Our highly talented decorators include Nadene Hurst, Karen Goble, Christine Smith, Ann Grimshaw, Eileen Harper, Elaine MacGregor, Ulla Netzband and Pat Trunkfield! A must have edition. #9780955-276309 $19.95

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